Birthday pressies!


September 23, 2012 by handmadebyfi


Sunday nights are for curling up under a blanket with a (large) glass of wine which is exactly what I’m about to do so its just a quickie tonight!

A little while ago I decided to make my best friend a brooch for her birthday instead of buying her something, handmade is always better, right?!.  Getting it right is a tricky task, I didn’t want to make it too girly or frilly as that’s just not her, I decided upon a heavy duty vintage style cotton with newsprint and pink rose design and made it into a large petal Kanzashi brooch with pink button centre, quirky and girly but not overly so! She emailed me a pic of her wearing it today so I thought I’d share it with you 🙂ImageImageI love the fact I crafted a completely individual and unique gift that really suits her, better than a gift voucher any day!  🙂

So the plan for crafting this week is to come up with a list of homemade Christmas presents tailored to suit the recipients personalities, crack on with Christmas decorations, make a couple of batches of homemade fudge (just for me, I love the stuff), finish the tractor applique picture I’m doing for Ruf’s room…………..and if there’s time I need to start thinking about baking my Christmas cake!!  🙂  What’s everyone else up to this week?  And If anyone can recommend a nut free Christmas cake recipe I’d love to hear it, thanks for reading 🙂  XXx


2 thoughts on “Birthday pressies!

  1. Really classy – I love it!

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