September 30, 2012 by handmadebyfi

Hey everyone

Thought I’d share some exciting craft news with you all.  I’ve been asked to display some of my work at a showcase event at our local information centre 🙂  For the entirety of November, local artists and crafts people are displaying up to 5 pieces of their work at the information centre in Todmorden, showcasing their work to the public. It will give people a bit more of an idea of what I do and orders can also be placed via the information centre.  Since its in the run up to Christmas I think I should definitely display some of the lovely Christmas crafts I’ve been working on, maybe alongside some brooches and shoe clips, what does everyone think?  They’d definitely make perfect stocking fillers!

Apologies for the quality of the pics, my camera has gone missing 😦  So I’m using my phone for now.  Thanks for reading 🙂 XXx

Its Christmas!


2 thoughts on “Showcase

  1. debz maher says:

    excellent news – i am quite excited – we have a new art and craft shop opening tuesday and i have stuff in there. hope we both do well!

  2. handmadebyfi says:

    That’s fantastic 🙂 its so exciting isn’t it, fingers crossed people will be buying a lot of crafty Christmas presents this year!

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