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January 2, 2013 by handmadebyfi

Hi all

Its weird how living without internet access can make you mildly panicked yet also quite liberated.

We recently moved to a little cottage in the Lake District with (shock horror) no internet access!!  After the chaos of the move I thought I’d be happy to be incommunicado for a while, however, after about a week I started to realise just how dependant I am upon the web, not only for keeping in touch with people and blogging but also research and SHOPPING!!   i normally buy all my non homemade Christmas gifts online and the grim reality of Christmas shopping, bustling crowds, people snatching and grabbing last minute gifts, general non festive grumpiness, sent me into a cold sweat.  I managed to get some nice artisan gifts at local farmers markets and, of course, everyone had a homemade gift from me too, but I still had to brave the crowds (i think living in the middle of nowhere is turning me into an anti social hermit!) and it was not pleasant.

Therefore, my main new years resolutions are

1.  Accept my dependence on the internet and embrace it as a blooming good thing!

2.  Spend more time crafting and update my website, blog, Etsy and Folksy shops regularly.

3.  Crafting challenges – first one, a patchwork quilt, second one, a canvas teepee for my little boy to have in the garden.

4.  Find some local craft fairs and maybe even join the W.I.

5.  Source local materials for my crafts.

6,  Never enter a large supermarket/department store ever again……………ok so maybe this is slightly unrealistic but I’m sure you get my point 🙂

So there you have it, my new years resolutions in a nutshell, not the craftiest blog I’ve ever written but as you can see above I plan to rectify that this year.

Oh and I’ve included some pics below so you can see how my handmade decorations looked on our Christmas tree, better late than never! 🙂

Happy new year folks, I hope its everything you want it to be XX

photo (52)photo (53)



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